ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2

About ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2 was written by me (Peter Friesen) during a series of long nights in the spring and summer of 2010. I found the impetus to start work on it shortly after my home campus of SUNY Plattsburgh began reviewing the feasibility of using Moodle as a replacement for ANGEL.  After discovering that there was no practical way to feed Moodle one of ANGEL's Common Cartridge productions, I went home, took the lid off a Moodle backup file, and began a routine that would find me cursing at (and in)  XML long after the children were asleep.   7.3 files came first; then 7.4 files; and then, months after I'd started, the processes to bring Moodle 1.98 files into Moodle 2.x. [A fix for the ANGEL IMS-CC exports was also a part of the program for its first year.]

ConversionThingy 2 is the second LMS course conversion utility I've written.  The first ConversionThingy dates back to 2004ish when a program of my devising moved my campus from the SLN's (SUNY Learning Network's) proprietary LotusNotes based system into ANGEL.  Two years later, SLN itself adopted ConversionThingy to shift its operations to the ANGEL platform--and in 2007, that first incarnation of ConversionThingy won me an ANGEL IMPACT Award for "Exemplary Individual Contribution to the ANGEL Community."  The original ConversionThingy ran its 17,000th conversion shortly before I began work on ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2 should run on any more-or-less current Windows system. I think. Works fine on Windows 7/8; probably runs on XP too.

ConversionThingy 2 is affiliated neither with ANGEL nor with Moodle. And while Peter Friesen works at SUNY Plattsburgh during the days, ConversionThingy 2 is a product of the night (like Batman, sorta), neither affiliated with nor endorsed by SUNY or with SUNY Plattsburgh (and in this regard, too, like Batman).  

About the Author

I work with Instructional Technologies in the Technology Enhanced Learning Unit at SUNY Plattsburgh, where my time is spent in helping the faculty to take advantageous use of the tools and technologies at their disposal.  At other times I'm father and husband, woodsman and electrician, plumber and programmer, cleaner and carpenter, generally at home with, if not honoured among, foxes and pheasants.

--Peter Friesen, 2015