ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2

Installing ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2 installs from a web-page.  To install the program, you'll need to connect to the installation website using a current version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The installation page is located at

When you get to the page, you'll see something that looks like this:

Installation screen

If you haven't got the prerequisites installed, a click on the Install ConversionThingy 2 link will install those, and you'll probably end up having to come back to the installation page to click the Install link again to get the program installed.

If you have the prerequisites installed, a click on the install link installs the program.  A pair of messages will pop up to test your commitment to the installation.  First you'll see a File Download security warning related to the setup.exe file:

First Installation Message

You'll want to click the Run button.

A few moments later, you'll see this Security Warning window, prudently letting you know the WWW is a dangerous place:

Second installation prompt

You'll want to click the Install button.

And then, finally, you'll see the installation progress message:

Installation in progress

The application will start immediately upon installation.  You'll be able to uninstall it, if you wish, via the Add/Remove Programs option in your Windows Control Panel.

When the program starts, it is pretty much disabled except for the "Accept License" button. You'll have to accept the license before you can use the program--that means you're commiting to paying for it for anything but personal or evaluation use. Once you agree to the license terms (see License), you'll have to configure a couple of options before running your first conversion.  See the Configuration page for details.