ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2: Known (and suspected) Issues

To the degree that I've been able to duplicate problems, the list below represents the issues that remain unresolved or unresolvable. 

Issue NumIssue IdentifiedCurrent Status
(as of April 2014 - ConversionThingy
Troublesome Output Versions
4The output from the ANGEL equation editor takes a MathML form and probably won't be useful in the conversion without additional plug-ins; an additional complication may arise because the enclosing "gif" files are not invariably included in the ANGEL backup file either. A configuration option lets you specify the location of your ANGEL server, and ConversionThingy can usually pull missing equation images directly from your ANGEL server. Moodle 1.9 output and Moodle 2.x output.
6In a Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.x conversion, there could be all manner of failure if an external repository is used and referenced files are not included in the archive. (Same problem with ANGEL archives, actually.) This is something that can't be addressed in the program. No fix possible: ANGEL and Moodle source files must contain materials to be converted. All Moodle output.

ANGEL conversions may fail to restore (in Moodle 2) if a converted Matching question has fewer than three matches.

No fix coming: added note to "Converting Archves" page.ANGEL conversions to Moodle 2.x (and maybe to 1.98 as well).