ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy 2

ConversionThingy2: What does this cost?

There's no fixed price for ConversionThingy 2; as per the license, if you're using this exclusively for personal purposes, there's no cost at all. If you're using it for evaluation purposes only, there's no cost. But if you're employing the software as part of an institutional shift to Moodle, and are deploying in a production environment the files that were generated by ConversionThingy 2, you must make a payment according to what the conversions are worth to you.


There's little out there to provide an absolute on what a conversion service should cost, but I'd be happy to offer a couple of recommendations...

Pay for itIf you're working with a per-course valuation, enter the number of courses and the price per conversion. If you're aiming for a flat rate, just put the number "1" in the number of courses and the entire flat rate amount into the price per conversion field.

In the "Invoice Details" area, you should be entering the information that will allow the program to generate an invoice.

Required Fields

Your Name - Enter your name so we can get in touch with you regarding the invoice

Your E-mail - Enter your email so we can get in touch with you regarding the invoice

Your Telephone number - Your work phone number, please, so that we can get in touch with you regarding the invoice

Billing telephone number - The phone number of your accounts payable/purchasing office

School or University name - The full, standard name of the institution on behalf of which the invoice is being generated

Billing Address: The address of your purchasing/accounts payable office

Tax Exemption ID: If you've got one (and you should), please include it in the approrpiate field, so that I don't find myself having to make up for taxes I've no particular interest in collecting

Purchase Order #: If there's a purchase order number that you can tie to the invoice it'll usually speed things up considerably and cut down on a whole lot of telephone volleying.

And, finally, just beneath the summary of the billing rate you've selected, there's a checkbox that you'll have to check in which you assert that you understand that there are no guarantees that future conversions will work and, moreover, that you have reviewed the conversions that have already been performed.

Once everything is in order, click on the Generate Invoice button. That will have the effect of constructing an invoice based on the option(s) you've selected.  Print a copy off and run it over to your purchasing office.